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"Vos Menos Cero", "Entre Fragmentos" and "Tóxico" feat. César “Vampiro” López (Maná / Jaguares) as well as "Aeroplano" and "Todo lo que hago (lo hago x ti) entered the rotation of the New York based 24 hour Latin Rock Radio web station Orbita Rock Radio


"Entre Fragmentos" featuring Hector Gerónimo and César “Vampiro” López (Monoplasma) charted the year's end "AZ ROCK's Top 30 Songs of 2020 Countdown" at #28 - AZ Rock Radio (Puerto Rico).


Rolando's new single "Tóxico" feat. César "Vampiro" López (Maná / Jaguares / Monoplasma) entered the AZ Rock Radio Top Ten Countdown.

On Tuesday August 18, Rolando's new single "Tóxico" feat. César "Vampiro" López (Maná / Jaguares / Monoplasma) was officially released. The song premiered at Puerto Rico's top Rock Radio station, AZ Rock Radio.

Rolando is being featured among 26 other Rock Artists from the local Puerto Rico Rock scene in the new single "Hashtag Unión" by TROPA

Rolando has been invited to conduct "Siempre es Hoy" a weekly radio show aired by AZ Rock Radio that showcases international Latin Rock bands.

Due to the world pandemic Rolando has joined the efforts of many other entertainers by offering free streaming options for his latests films "Manga Warrior" and "Andrea y Lorenzo". Follow the links: 


Andrea y Lorenzo (English subtitled)


Tubi TV

Manga Warrior:

Rolando has been invited to conduct "Todo Va A Estar Bien" a special radio show aired by AZ Rock Radio that showcases international Latin Rock bands and will have a limited run during the lockdown phase that the United States as well as Puerto Rico are going thru. 

"Entre Fragmentos" featuring Monoplasma and César “Vampiro” López, entered Puerto Rico's premier radio station AZ Rock Radio Top Ten countdown. 

On January 31, Rolando released his latest single "Entre Fragmentos" featuring Monoplasma and César “Vampiro” López.



On November 8th, "Vos Menos Cero" feat.  César “Vampiro” López (Maná / Jaguares / Monoplasma) reached the number one spot at Puerto Rico's premier radio station AZ Rock Radio Top Ten countdown. 

"Vos Menos Cero" feat.  César “Vampiro” López (Maná / Jaguares / Monoplasma)

entered Puerto Rico's premier radio station AZ Rock Radio Top Ten countdown. 


On August 23, Rolando D'Lugo's third studio album "Vos Menos Cero" feat. César “Vampiro” López (Maná / Jaguares / Monoplasma) is released.

Rolando traveled to Puerto Rico alongside Vampiro to present the new album as part of the event "Échale Vampiro: un tributo al Rock en Español” featuring Vampiro and his new musical project, Monoplasma. Vampiro joined Rolando on stage for his set which included the album songs: "Vos Menos Cero", "Entre Fragmentos", "Tóxico" and a very cool jam of Maná's "Oye Mi Amor". Héctor Geronimo (Monoplasma's lead vocalist) joined Rolando and Vampiro for "Entre Fragmentos". Rolando, Vampiro and Héctor Geronimo also participated in a jointed Media Tour and shot together scenes for the "Entre Fragmentos" music video, Rolando's 2nd single to be release later this year.


​Rolando's first single from his up coming album, "Vos Menos Cero" featuring César "Vampiro" López (Maná / Jaguares / Monoplasma) is released.


Rolando started the recording of his up coming album “Vos Menos Cero” at Cocoon Recording Studios, featuring Vampiro López (Maná / Jaguares / Monoplasma) and Héctor Geronimo (Monoplasma / Moebio).


Rolando shot a video in London for "Todo Lo Que Hago (Lo Hago X Ti)".

Rolando's directorial debut film "Andrea y Lorenzo" as well as his latest short film "Manga Warrior", are featured at the International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival in New York City, November 14-18.


Rolando & La ROLA Stereo are featured as part of the annual Jersey City's Summer city concert series, "Groove on Grove" at Groove St. PATH Plaza.

Rolando partnered with Rockass Music and Hit Makers Music to produce and promote the New York debut of the critically acclaimed Spaniard rock band, La Maravillosa Orquesta del Alcohol (La M.O.D.A.) held at Blackthorn 51.


Rolando debuts with his new band La ROLA Stereo at Blackthorn 51 in New York City as a special guest for Washington's Tres Minutos rock band and Misil Stereo (Soda Stereo's tribute band).

Rolando is invited to offer a screenwriting workshop for La Casa de la Herencia Cultural Puertorriqueña in New York City.


Rolando's directorial debut feature film, "Andrea y Lorenzo" premiered in New York City as an official selection of the 2017 Latino Film Market, where Rolando also participated as a guest panelist for the "Marketing and Distribution" panel.


Rolando's latest film "Manga Warrior" premiered at the Rincón International Film Festival in Puerto Rico, where it won "Best Daytime Drama". Also the film traveled the Independent Latino Film Festival circuit as an official selection for Fantasci Short Film Festival (Florida) where it was nominated for the Best Fantasy Film category, Tulipanes Latino Art and Film Festival, (Holland, MI), Mediterranean Film Festival (Italy), LUSCA Fantastic Film Fest (Puerto Rico), New Filmakers 2017 (New York), 21 Islands International Short Film Fest (New York) and winner of “Best Fantasy Short” at the 2017 United Latino International Film Festival, (Cleveland, OH).


Rolando's independent feature film directorial debut, "Andrea y Lorenzo" premiered at the 32nd edition of the Chicago Latino Film Festival (Chicago) and after it's commercial theatrical release in Puerto Rico (April 28th), the movie traveled the independent Latino film festival circuit as an official selection of the Georgia Latino Film Festival, Mindie-Miami Independent Film Festival, Seattle Latino Film FestivalFestival de Cine Latino Americano, (Texas), Cine Pobre Film Festival, (Mexico), United Latino Film Festival, (Cleveland), the 2017 Latino Film Market (NYC) and the 9th edition of the Rincón International Film Festival (Puerto Rico), where it won five awards including "best of fest", "best local film", "people’s choice", "best actor" (Rolando D'Lugo) and "best actress" (Joa Tous).

Rolando releases his 3er rock album ​"Andrea y Lorenzo Movie Soundtrack", a collection of songs written and performed by Rolando D'Lugo included in the feature film "Andrea y Lorenzo". The song "Luna Nueva" is released as a single and used to cross promote the album and the movie as well.


"Aeroplano", Rolando D'Lugo's sophomore album is released. This second time around, Rolando opted for a contemporary rock sound with a cool, rock pop feel to it. D'Lugo's songwriting reflect a much deeper and mature lyric content in contrast to his first album "Pasos." Lots of electric guitars, that clearly show 80s and 90s rock influences from bands like U2, Soda Stereo, Oasis and Goo Goo Dolls, fill "Aeroplano." Alongside the title track, songs like "Todo Lo Que Hago (Lo Hago X Ti)" and "En Automático" stand out as well as "Luna Nueva", the theme song from the feature film "Andrea y Lorenzo." Rolando and his band ROLA, played a series of selected dates in order to promote "Aeroplano". 

Rolando traveled to New York City for the album photo session and to shot the music video for the album's title track song, "Aeroplano". 


Rolando produced "La ROLA Stereo: recordando a Gustavo a 30 años de Soda Stereo" - a series of critically acclaimed concert shows in order to honor the memory and legacy of Soda Stereo's founder, Gustavo Cerati, who passed away that same year.

2012 / 2013

Rolando is heavily immerse in the production of his directoral debut feature film "Andrea y Lorenzo" and the recording sessions of "Aeroplano".

2010 / 2011

Rolando and his band ROLA release B3TA a limited edition free download digital EP. They also played a couple of tribute events called "La ROLA Stereo: un tributo a Soda Stereo", to celebrate the legacy of Argentinian premier artist Gustavo Cerati. 

Due to Gustavo Cerati's regretfully stroke and coma, Rolando produced a series of tribute events called: "Primavera 0, un tributo a Soda Stereo" and "Terapia de Amor Intensiva para Gustavo Cerati". For this series of free entrence shows, Rolando played the drums and sang and played guitar during the acoustic segment featuring songs like "Té para tres", "Puente", "Angel Eléctrico" and "Claroscuro".

2008 / 2009

Rolando debut with his new band ROLA as the opening act for the American rock band Night Ranger at one of Puerto Rico's premier venues, Anfiteatro Tito Puente.

Rolando produced a series of critically acclaimed CDs compilations called Mundo Pop: Lo Mejor del Pop Rock Independiente, Vol. 1 (2008) y Mundo Pop 2: Lo Mejor del Rock Independiente (2009). With his band ROLA he contributed with the songs "Pasos" and "Te Necesito", respectively. Both songs were heavily promoted and the music video for "Pasos" reached the number two position at the Top Ten Video Countdown of the TV show "Jangueo TV" (WAPA TV). Also Rolando and his band ROLA headlined a series of live events and In Store appearances in order to promote the CD releases.


Due to the highly successful reunion tour of the Argentinian rock band Soda Stereo, Rolando produced a series of tribute events called: Primavera 0: un tributo a Soda Stereo, were he not only played drums but also sang and played guitar during the acoustic segment featuring songs like "Té para tres", "Puente" and "Claroscuro".

Rolando joined the cast of the TV series "Zona Y" (Telemundo) were he played the role of "Martin", the music teacher. Rolando also produced and wrote scripts for the popular teen series.

2005 / 2006

Due to the highly media exposure, buzz and momentum created because of Rolando's most recents movie projects, his first album PASOS is re-edited, with two new singles "Si no estás tu" and "No me digas que te vas". Both song's music videos entered the regular rotation of MTV Puerto Rico, MTV ES and local independent channel 30. Rolando and his band, played a series of selected dates around Puerto Rico's most popular clubs.

Rolando played the leading role in David Norris' critically acclaimed short film, "Feliz Aniversario". 


Rolando filmed a music video for the power ballad "Esperando", featuring KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick ('84 - '96). The video entered the regular rotation of MTV ES and was followed by an special event called "Kulick / D'Lugo a tribute to KISS".

Acting wise, Rolando is featured in two movies: "Vampiros", (straight to DVD release) were he played "Vampiro Christian" and "Dios los cría 2" written and directed by Puerto Rico's critically acclaimed and Oscar director nominee, Jacobo Morales. For the latest, Rolando played a drug dealer, "Golo", alongside Puerto Rico's premier actors Teófilo Torres and Norma Candal.


​PASOS, Rolando D'Lugo's debut CD is released. This album produced by VILA includes 10 Rock/Pop tracks written and composed by Rolando including an all new rocking version of the 60's spanish beach anthem "María Isabel". PASOS also features the guitar work of Bruce Kulick (KISS guitarist '84 - '96) on the power ballad "Esperando".

2001 / 2002

Rolando produced a series of critically acclaimed events: "Primavera 0, un tributo a Soda Stereo" were he also participated as a drummer and the "Puerto Rico KISS Expo" in their 2001 and 2002 editions, featuring KISS members Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer, respectively. For the KISS Expos, Rolando had the honor to jam KISS' songs and conducted the Q&A with both Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer.

1997 / 1998 / 1999

Rolando is featured as the only Latin Rock Artist in the KISS tribute CD: "KAOL 2: Creatures of the Net", with a modern version of KISS' 1977 hit "Christine Sixteen". The song was released as a single in Puerto Rico and represented Rolando's first big media exposure. 

Rolando debuted as an actor in the independent TV movie "Impacto Mortal", aired by Teleonce, nowadays Univsion. Rolando received very good reviews for his antagonist role as "Ivan Rosario", a drug dealer that is involved with a college student, that's being followed by a private detective. For the movie soundtrack Rolando recorded and promoted the song "Sin Compasión". 

Rolando played "Alejandro Castillo" a corrupted FBI agent on his second TV movie credit, "Complot", aired by Teleonce, nowadays Univisión. 

Rolando produces his first profesional special event, a local Puerto Rico movie premier party for KISS' feature film "Detroit Rock City", were he also is featured playing live with is band. 

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