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​Manga Warrior (2017)

Staring Rolando D'Lugo, Sandra Ortiz y Salvador Méndez, "Manga Warrior" is a fantasy / drama short film from the producers of the independent film, "Andrea y Lorenzo".


Loosely inspired in the Japanese Manga art form mixed with live actors, "Manga Warrior" revolves around the conflict between a comic book artist and his own creation. Struggling to come to terms with the past, "Manga Warrior" makes us wonder, how art is the catalyst for redemption and moving on.


"Manga Warrior" world premiere was held at the 10 edition of the Rincón International Film Festival 2017 in Puerto Rico where it won "Dir. Choice - Best Daytime Drama" and was selected to participate at "Fantasci Short Film Festival" (Florida), "Medff 2017" (Italy), "Tulipanes Film Festival 2017" (Holland, MI), "New Filmakers 2017" (New York), "LUSCA Fantastic Film Fest 2017" (Puerto Rico) and was an award winner at  the "2nd United Latino Film Festival" (Cleveland, OH).


Click here for the "Manga Warrior" movie trailer

Andrea y Lorenzo (2016)

Staring Joa Tous and Rolando D'Lugo, "Andrea & Lorenzo" is a 90-minute independent romantic comedy feature film about a young woman who feels her professional and personal life has come to a halt. But the return of her former college flame she once dumped, will give her a new perspective on life, love and being true to herself.


The world premier of "Andrea y Lorenzo" was at the 32nd edition of the "Chicago Latino Film Festival", on April 9, 2016 at Chicago, Illinois. Also this film was selected for the "Rincón International Film Festival", held in Puerto Rico also in April, where it won five awards including: Best Actor (Rolando D'Lugo), Best Actress (Joa Tous), People Choice, Best of Puerto Rico and Best of Festival.


Recently "Andrea y Lorenzo" won 2nd place in the feature romantic-comedy category at the "United Latino Film Festival", Cleveland, OH. Also the film has been selected to participate at the "Georgia Latino Film Festival", "Mindie - Miami Independent Film Festival", "Seattle Latino Film Festival", "Festival de Cine Latino Americano", Texas, "Festival de Cine El Ojo Cojo", Spain, "Cine Pobre Film Festival", Mexico, "Medff 2017" Italy and the "Latino Film Market 2017", New York.


Click here for the "Andrea y Lorenzo" movie trailer


Click here for "Luna Nueva" (Andrea y Lorenzo's theme song music video)

Dios Los Cría 2 (2004)

A series of interlaced stories written and directed by OSCAR nominee puertorican director Jacobo Morales. Alongside Teofilo Torres and Normal Candal, Rolando interprets "GOLO" a drug pusher who tries to sell drugs to a recovering addit in the short story "FELIX".


​​Vampiros (2004)

Independent cult movie about the struggle of a man who is turned into a vampire against his wishes by a seductive, mysterious woman. Rolando interprets "Vampiro Cristian", one of his most celebrated roles.

Impacto Mortal (1998) / Complot (1999)

"Impacto Mortal" is Rolando's acting debut as an drug dealer who is stalking a college student, being followed by a private detective. "Complot" is Rolando's second movie role in wich he played a corrupted FBI agent, that's secretly holding a CD Rom with vital Y2K security infromation.

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